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HIGS- The best PhD guidance and PhD assistance in Mumbai. We offer the best research guidance at every stage of your research process. We help you in any stage whether it is your beginning, middle or a end stage. We offer customised research service for our clients. Are you searching for the top PhD research assistance in Mumbai? We are here to assist you in conducting your PhD research in a highly professional manner. Do you spend too much time worried about preparing a thesis? Don't worry; we have the best thesis and research paper writers on staff. The best thesis will be created for you by them. In order to track and exchange ideas and needs based on your or your supervisor's suggestions, you can directly contact with our team at HIGS. You can hire your domain experts to get PhD guidance.


Our Exclusive services

Here HIGS offers endless research support for all our clients. We provide the best PhD research support for almost all the stages of your PhD. They are,

Over the years, we are providing noteworthy research services for our clients. Here are some examples. They are,

Step 1

Direct consultation:
  • You can place your order and get a free technical discussion session from experts.
  • You can share your requirements with us.

Step 2

Rough draft preparation
  • We prepare your rough draft.
  • We implement all your requirements and details on it.
  • Then, we start writing it
  • And we send it to you.

Step 3

Draft corrections
  • You can check your draft copy
  • Send us your feedbacks and corrections details if needed.
  • We work according to that.

Step 4

Main work preparation
  • Once after correcting your draft, we start preparing your main work.
  • We implement all your requirements in it.

Step 5

Quality assessment
  • We submit your work to our quality analysis team.
  • We check whether your work has met all the quality standards or not.

Step 6

Final work delivery
  • After all the assessment process, we undergo final work delivery.
  • We welcome your positive as well as negative feedback.

HIGS is pleased to announce that we provide certain eye-catching services to our clients worldwide at the most competitive prices. We are here to provide limitless research support with a wide range of free add-ons.


We are available to offer our extra add-ons in the categories below.

  • Free expert chat available.
  • Free choice of journals
  • Free quality evaluation
  • Free & live demonstration
  • Free report on plagiarism
  • Free help in topic selection
  • Free consultation

Get Connected with team HIGS now

Just accelerate your PhD research journey with HIGS

Learn about the distinguishing qualities that make our PhD guidance service unique.

Tailored research assistance

Our research support is customized and adjusted to fit each research student's specific requirements and goals.

Detailed Subject Knowledge

We are teamed up with a group of knowledgeable advisors with extensive knowledge and skill in a range of subject areas.

Help with comprehensive research

Full-spectrum support, that includes advice on methodology, data analysis, and help with scientific writing.

Timely response & Prompt Communication

Quick and efficient means of contact for handling questions, issues, and ongoing discussions.

HIGS #1 Phd Research Assistance Private Company!
We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field. Our expert team provides comprehensive services, including writing high-quality Research papers, Thesis/Dissertations, Proposals, Reviews, and Synopsis. We offer top-notch Editing, Journal publication support and Plagiarism checking to ensure your work meets the highest standards”.

Expert Thesis Writers - Our expert thesis writers are dedicated to providing custom thesis writing services and top-quality work that meets all academic standards.

Get free ad-ons - We offer a lot of freebies such as free technical discussion, free cover page, free title page, free table of contents, free illustration free reference page and free plagiarism report.

Affordable & Timely Delivery - We offer affordable prices without compromising quality and a timely delivery guarantee that the work is completed within your specified deadline.

What you will get from us?

Seamless Communication

Have constant, productive communication throughout your study process.

Proactive research guidance and Direction

Get proactive counseling and direction for progressing your research.

Professional advice

You can get advice from professionals while choosing a thesis topic to make it interesting.

Simplified Thesis Writing Process

Get advice on completing the thesis writing process successfully.

Guidance in methodological part

Get professional advice on defining goals, selecting suitable procedures, and using statistical testing.

PhD guidance in all the critical stages

We solve all your research issues, and other crucial PhD components.

Multi-channel Communication

For easy interaction and help, feel free to get in touch with your advisor by phone, email, or chat. You can dial & whatsapp us through +916382814563. Get in touch via Email at

As we are the best PhD assistance in Mumbai, we will take you to discover the really easy way of PhD research. Good support will be started by a friendly approach, thus, our business coordinating team will be with you from the starting stage to assist you in the same. Our business coordinating team will be very friendly with you in providing entire the details related to your research. They will provide the details regarding our workflow, price details, offers and discount details, domain and topic details, and more.

Places we cover in Mumbai

As the best PhD research guidance in Mumbai, we serve in most of the important areas if Mumbai. Not just by localities, the best universities in Mumbai are usually interested in us.

Here, we have listed several areas that we frequently we serve in Mumbai, they are; Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Santacruz East, Kalyan West, Matunga, Byculla, Vidya Vihar, Kurla East, Mahim, and more.


HIGS is pleased to have our team at MUMBAI!

We are pleased to introduce our team! We have qualified business coordinators, subject-based experts, native authors, journal specialists, editors, and quality control team members, we also have these resources.

Business Coordinators

Highly skilled and knowledgeable group of business coordinators. To get your questions answered, get in touch with our coordination staff. Our business coordinating team will assist you with university admission, tuition costs, entrance exam information, and domain expert assignment based on your research interests.

Quality assessment team

The members of our advisory board will provide feedback on the caliber of our work. To ensure that your study has fulfilled the required requirements for quality, we will thoroughly examine it. If not, we'll start again and try again.

Native-writers & Journal publishers

Our team of technical and subject expertise has members with advanced degrees from a variety of universities. All members of our team have master's degrees, and many of them are doctoral fellows with a range of educational backgrounds. Our team of subject matter experts will review your study and assign an appropriate expert for you. Your technical component will be handled by technical professionals with extreme expertise to prevent mistakes.

Subject-based experts

Our team of technical and subject expertise has members with advanced degrees from a variety of universities. All members of our team have master's degrees, and many of them are doctoral fellows with a range of educational backgrounds. Our team of subject matter experts will review your study and assign an appropriate expert for you. Your technical component will be handled by technical professionals with extreme expertise to prevent mistakes.

What are the subjects we cover in detail?

HIGS, which is the best in Mumbai for PhD advice and support, consists of 150+ subject-matter specialists with a range of educational backgrounds. As a result, we can offer first-rate research support for virtually every research topic from a variety of research departments. Here, we've provided a very short list of recent research subjects for the year 2024.


Some of our recent engineering research topics 2024 include,

  • Investigation of building seismic capacity.
  • Optimization of program processing.
  • Modern approaches in code writing.
  • Innovative aircraft shape and design.
  • Robotics in an open-space environment.
  • Safety of industrial chemicals.
  • Modern water purifying technologies.
  • Green energy in various vehicles.
  • Reducing electricity loss with conductors.
  • Modern eco-energy generation ways.


Some of our recent Arts research topics 2024 include,

  • The Unique Style of Modern Art
  • The Elements of Time and Light
  • The Rise of Digital Arts
  • A comparative study between pre-independence and Post-independence Indian Novels
  • The Unrepresentable in Postmodernism, Popular Culture, and the Cinema
  • A Study of Spatial Narrative in Chinese Diasporic Literature
  • Chinese Ritual Bronzes: Understanding the Ancient Ritual Vessels
  • Mythology in the Artworks of Ancient Civilizations


Some of our recent Medicine research topics 2024 include,

  • Antibiotics treatments
  • Chronic diseases
  • Palliative treatment
  • Battling Alzheimer’s disease
  • How modern lifestyle affects public health
  • Professional diseases
  • Sleep disorders
  • Changes in physical and mental health due to aging
  • Eating disorders
  • Terminal diseases


Some of our recent Management research topics 2024 include,

  • Competitive dynamics
  • Executive compensation and corporate governance
  • Innovation and entrepreneurshi
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational Learning and Change
  • Resources and capabilities
  • Risk-taking and risk management
  • Strategic decision making


Some of our recent Science research topics 2024 include,

  • The effects of different types of fertilizers on plant growth.
  • The relationship between exercise and mental health.
  • Examining the impact of air pollution on human health.
  • Studying the effects of different music genres on human mood and behavior.
  • The Pros and Cons of The Cryo-EM Pattern in Virology


Some of our recent Technology research topics 2024 include,

  • Deep learning network-based traffic flow prediction for vehicle assistance for smart city applications.
  • Cloud security enhancement using a multifacet authentication scheme with the aid of optimal key management.
  • Identifying travel pattern behavior using public smart card data for predicting traffic flow using CNN.
  • Dependable computing


It isn't feasible. because we solely assist PhD students with their research.

Yes, We will. Our staff consists of over 100 passionate subject matter experts who will adhere to the subject entirely when working on your research paper or thesis.

You need to. It's not like any documents. Before beginning your research project, you must complete the client form and sign it.

Exactly NO! It is completely free of cost.

Yes. You can. You can assign your timing and get a free technical discussion session from experts.

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