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Hi there, welcome to our site, we are your complete phd guidance spot, where you can expect a high quality work. Your work will be secured since we neither have tie-up with any university nor outsource your work. We don’t share your details with other clients. The person next to you might also be our client, but you may not know… we are that confidential. And our employees are full-time workers.

PhD assistance in mumbai

HIGS is famed with the name of the best PhD assistance in Mumbai and our team proves you at every stage that we are the top-most research team at HIGS. We have on board over 100 experts for PhD assistance and guidance in Mumbai. We nurture every dream of a PhD scholar with the support of highly experienced and well-qualified research experts. We have a huge team of subject matter experts, academic writers, proofreaders, to offer exclusive PhD support for our students.

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Your PhD will no more be difficult when you have already hired HIGS. Our PhD research experts will help you in developing a very strong research proposal and thesis statement. Thus, we make sure of quality from the beginning of your research to the end.

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Our research team, “the best PhD assistance in Mumbai” will let you see another level of success. You can just go through the entire website, reach us by mail, call, and through any mode. Then, our team HIGS will be assisting you from the beginning itself. You can check our company reviews and testimonials for more confirmation. We will show you how HIGS will treat you unique and special in the way of PhD guidance and assistance. We assist you from the beginning to the end, i.e. we will be with you from getting PhD admission, PhD entrance examination, Research proposal writing, research paper writing, journal publication, thesis writing, and more.

phd assistance in mumbai

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As we are the best PhD assistance in Mumbai, we will take you to discover the really easy way of PhD research. Good support will be started by a friendly approach, thus, our business coordinating team will be with you from the starting stage to assist you in the same. Our business coordinating team will be very friendly with you in providing entire the details related to your research. They will provide the details regarding our workflow, price details, offers and discount details, domain and topic details, and more.

Domain experts and technical experts

Our team of domain experts and technical experts is highly educated from various educational backgrounds. Many of them are doctorate fellows, and all of our team holds master's degrees from various educational backgrounds. Our team of domain experts will analyze your research work and allot a suitable expert for you. Technical experts will be working on your technical part with a high level of professionalism to avoid any errors on it.

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Writers and publishers

Our native English-speaking experts will be working on the writing and editing part of your research project. HIGS also has a team of journal publishers to make sure that your papers are going to be published in a world-class journal such as in IEEE, SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, Annexure, Taylor, and Francis, and more.

Advisory team

Our team of advisory board experts will tell us about the quality level of our work. We will analyze your research work deeply to make sure that your research work has met the quality standards. If not, we will work on it again.

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Team of professional writers

As the best PhD assistance in Mumbai, our entire team possess years of experience from various educational backgrounds in writing and editing your PhD thesis or dissertation.

Unbeatable originality

We offer only fresh and well-researched content for your thesis. We make sure of Originality.

Friendly guidance

You can feel free to contact your supporting agent anytime through calls, mail, or WhatsApp.

On-time delivery

We will submit your work on time without any delay. And at the same time, your project will meet all the quality standards before delivery.

100% originality

We won't commit to the copy-pasting job, just do deep research! And implement your project in an original way.

High confidentiality

Our team will be provided highly confidential research support for all your research need.


Our team of research experts will undergo unlimited revisions until we grab your 100% satisfaction.

24/7 support

So, you can ask for doubts, you can ask for a query related to your research work anytime to us.

Our frequent Q&A session with our clients

We people write up your research paper on the basis of the journal guidelines and we are committed to some kind of highly standardized software programs to avoid plagiarism. So we can promise you that your papers won’t get rejected.
Actually, we can’t tell you now without knowing any of your research paper information. Once you have provided the details, we will analyze it and tell you the appropriate journal.
No actually, not possible. We are a highly confidential research-oriented company. We need to co-operate with our privacy policy rules. Once you contact us for your task, then we will show the updates of your work without any delay.
If you are our old client, you can approach our team directly, and our business coordinators will connect with the desired writers and if they are free, you can proceed.
Very sorry for the answer because we are unknown about your preferred university, research topics, domains, etc, so, once you have provided the research topic and domain details, preferred university detail to us, then only we search for the availability of the guide under your respective domain. Then only we can tell you about the timeline. Better you can contact our team for further info.

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