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HIGS is the foremost PhD assistance and guidance firm that offers the best PhD assistance in Kerala. We provide competent, reliable and customised service for clients to fulfil their PhD needs. We at HIGS- the premier PhD assistance firm, are dedicated to providing comprehensive PhD assistance services and the PhD guidance from the starting stage to the successful completion of PhD courses in any part of India and worldwide.

We provide our best PhD support services in every region of Kerala to help students who pursue their PhD journey in Kerala universities. We are outstanding composers, content writers, project writers and suppliers of research papers, thesis papers, dissertations, research proposals, research reports, synopsis, academic essays and all research writings. We have Online writers to provide our service available 24 hours a day throughout the year.


We Are Providing Budget Friendly Offers To Help PhD Students

  • Free Cover Page
  • Free Title Page
  • Free Illustration
  • Free Table Of Content
  • Free Reference Page
  • Free Technical Discussion
  • Free Plagiarism Report
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Free Demo Sessions
  • Free Consultation

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Our Valuable PhD Services

HIGS software solution provides the most trustworthy and efficient PhD assistance, guidance and A to Z Phd research support service to every client and we ensure that our clients get satisfied with our service. The services we provided are briefly given as follows.

1.PhD Admission Process 5.Research Paper Writing 9.Synopsis Writing 13.Journal Revision Help
2.Refer to Guides 6.Research Methodology Help 10.Thesis Writing / Dissertation Writing 14.Research Implementation
3.PhD Topic Selection 7.Literature Review Writing 11.Editing and Proofreading 15.PhD Viva Process
4.Proposal writing 8.Review Paper Writing 12.Journal Publication Support 16.Guideship Help

Our Implementation Service

We provide implementation services to successfully execute the result of findings in their research of PhD students. Our experienced and expert programmers assist and guide you in the implementation process. We offer implementation in the following programming languages,

Journal Paper Publication Support

HIGS is the best solution for those who need paper publishing process support. We possess experienced experts to help our clients to write or rewrite their research papers, do editing and proofreading, ensure proper formatting and journal guidelines and publish their research papers in renowned journals based on the domain and research. We have published papers more than 1000+ research papers for clients in reputed journals such as

Our Service To Clients In Kerala

In Kerala, we are offering top-notch PhD services to numerous clients across various locations. Our exceptional PhD assistance in Kerala has proven to be a valuable asset to scholars, benefiting them immensely. Our team of expert consultants and experienced PhD writers are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance throughout the PhD journey. You can avail of the best PhD assistance in Trivandrum, Alleppey, Calicut, Cochin, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kannur ,Wayanad and in any regions in kerala. We are here to cater to your needs with personalized research support such as research paper writing, dissertation assistance, journal publication support and all services regarding PhD course. With our commitment to excellence, we have earned a reputation as the go-to service for PhD scholars in Kerala.

HIGS #1 Phd Research Assistance Private Company!
We believe everyone deserves to have a doctorate in their field.

Expert Writers - Our team of dedicated and skilled writers provides customised writing support for research papers, thesis/dissertations, review papers, research proposals etc.

Quality Guarantee - We assure plagiarism-free work with a high-quality guarantee. We also ensure that it meets university standards and adheres to journal guidelines.

Best Publication Help - You can publish your research papers in world-class reputed journals from HIGS. Our team provides customised assistance in the publication process.

Our Key-Features

The key features that make us stand apart from the other such firms are as follows. Our team provides personalised PhD support to clients at every stage of their PhD research journey. We maintain a high level of confidentiality to clients' projects, data and information. By offering efficient service to our clients, we also ensure client satisfaction since it is the root of the happiness of our service.

  • Subject Specialists
    Our team has 250+ highly qualified domain experts, with expertise in their respective fields, and holds PhDs.
  • Expert Writers
    Our talented writers are skilled in rapid writing techniques and provide excellent papers within a short period.
  • High-Quality Guarantee
    We never compromise on quality. Our dedicated quality assessment team thoroughly checks each document to maintain high standards.
  • On-Time Delivery
    We always finish the work on or before the deadline, ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content
    We guarantee that all documents delivered to our clients are plagiarism-free, ensuring the content is original and unique.
  • Skilled Editors & Proofreaders
    Our expert editors and proofreaders are highly experienced and they verify and ensure every document is error-free.

Domains In Which We Provided PhD Assistance And PhD Guidance To Achieve Success For The Clients In Their PhD Research Study

Our team efficiently provided research papers, thesis/ dissertations, review papers, and conference papers in various domains to clients in different parts of the world. And in selecting research topics based on your field of interest our experts will guide you and offer proper assistance to get succeed. We have assisted and guided several PhD scholars to achieve success in their PhD.Recently, we have contributed research documents across various compelling research domains. Our diverse range of subjects reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of research and facilitating progress across different fields of study.Some of the research domains in which we provided research documents in the year 2023 are as follows

  • engineeringEngineering
  • scienceScience
  • edit_noteArts
  • account_balanceBusiness & Management
  • computerTechnology
  • medical_servicesMedicine And More
Topics we have covered under each domain are listed below


In 2024, some of the recent engineering topics we covered include
  • Renewable energy systems and sustainable design
  • Structural engineering and earthquake-resistant structures
  • Transportation and traffic engineering
  • Biomedical engineering and Healthcare technology
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in engineering
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Environmental engineering and water resources management
  • Aerospace engineering and aviation technology
  • Industrial engineering and operations management
  • And More


In 2024, some of the recent science topics we covered include
  • Climate change and environmental sciences
  • Genetics and genomics
  • Neurobiology and cognitive sciences
  • Nanotechnology and materials science
  • Space exploration and Astrophysics
  • Quantum physics and quantum computing
  • Biotechnology and bioinformatics
  • Earth and planetary sciences
  • Molecular biology and cellular biology
  • Ecology and conservation biology
  • And More


In 2024, some of the recent Arts topics we covered include
  • Visual arts and cultural studies
  • Film and media studies
  • Performing arts and theatre studies
  • Digital arts and interactive media
  • Art History and Criticism
  • Musicology and ethnomusicology
  • Literature and literary studies
  • Photography and visual culture
  • Design and aesthetics
  • Cultural heritage preservation and museum studies
  • And More

account_balanceBusiness & Management

In 2024, some of the recent Business & Management topics we covered include
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation management
  • Strategic Management and organisational behaviour
  • Marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Human resource management and organisational psychology
  • International Business and global strategy
  • Financial management and investment analysis
  • Supply chain management and logistics
  • Business Ethics and corporate governance
  • Operations research and decision analysis
  • Sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility
  • And More


In 2024, some of the recent Technology topics we covered include
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities
  • Data science and analytics
  • Cybersecurity and network security
  • Software engineering and development
  • Computer vision and image processing
  • Human-computer Interaction and user experience design
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality
  • Wireless communication and networking
  • Cloud computing and big data technologies
  • And More


In 2024, some of the recent Medicine topics we covered include
  • Precision medicine and personalised healthcare
  • Biomedical imaging and diagnostic technologies
  • Neurology and neurosciences
  • Cancer Research and Oncology
  • Infectious diseases and Immunology
  • Epidemiology and public health
  • Medical informatics and healthcare data analytics
  • Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering
  • Pharmacology and drug discovery
  • Mental health and psychiatry
  • And More

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  • What is your turnaround time?
  • Our turnaround time is dependent on the volume of your order. Therefore, we can provide a specific timeframe once you confirm your order with us.
  • What is the expected timeline for the publication of a paper?
  • The time required for publishing your paper depends on the journal you choose, whether it is free or paid. Especially, for paid journals, the publication process takes approximately 90-120 days.
  • Can you give assurance of 100% paper acceptance?
  • If the publishing research paper is written by us, we can assure you 100% paper acceptance.
  • Can I communicate with the writer who writes my thesis?
  • Yes, sure. We arrange technical sessions in which you can communicate with your thesis writer.
  • Are there any discounts?
  • Yes! Check out our website or reach our customer support team by contacting “ +91 63 82 81 45 63” to get more details.
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