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Hi there, welcome to our site, we are your complete phd guidance spot, where you can expect a high quality work. Your work will be secured since we neither have tie-up with any university nor outsource your work. We don’t share your details with other clients. The person next to you might also be our client, but you may not know… we are that confidential. And our employees are full-time workers.

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HIGS is the foremost global destination for exceptional PhD research assistance in Delhi. As the leading PhD assistance in Delhi, we take pride in offering the finest research services from beginning to end. Our expertise lies in shaping and refining your research projects, utilising our extensive knowledge and innovative ideas. We are renowned for our exceptional research assistance in Delhi and are committed to addressing all of your research needs in a creative and efficient manner.

Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the intricacies of conducting thorough literature reviews, designing robust methodologies and collecting relevant data. Our team is dedicated to maintaining transparent and timely communication, ensuring that your queries and concerns are addressed promptly.

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Reliable Assistance Throughout the PhD Journey

In addition to our comprehensive research support, we also offer guidance in academic writing and scholarly publishing. Our skilled writers will assist you in making a well-crafted research paper, dissertations / thesis, and journal articles, ensuring that your work adheres to the highest academic standards. We also provide valuable insights on navigating the publication process and increasing the visibility of your research.

By choosing HIGS as your research partner, you can be confident in receiving exceptional PhD research assistance in Delhi. We are committed to fostering your academic success and helping you make significant contributions to your field. Trust HIGS as your dedicated research partner, and let us guide and support you to embark on a rewarding research journey and achieve your academic aspirations.

HIGS offers a wide array of services, including research topic assistance, manuscript writing like research paper writing, thesis writing / dissertation writing, review paper writing, literature review support, data analysis, editing and proofreading, formatting and citation support, journal selection and publication assistance, research presentation and defence preparation and ongoing consultation.

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Comprehensive range of Services offered by HIGS

PhD Admission Process

We support aspiring candidates to secure admission to renowned and reputable universities for PhD programs and provide comprehensive assistance in the admission process.

Research Topic Selection

Our team of experts is here to assist you in finding a compelling and relevant research topic that aligns with your interests, academic goals and the latest trends in your field of study.

Research Proposal Writing

Our dedicated team of experts assists scholars in developing a well-structured research proposal that clearly articulates their research objectives, robust methodology and aligns with the requirements.

Research Implementation

Our expert team provides comprehensive support throughout your research project, from methodology design to data analysis and interpretation.

Research paper writing

Our skilled writers ensure high-quality research papers that meet academic standards that ensure organisation, clarity, and proper citation.

Review paper Writing

We synthesise existing research, offer valuable insights, and present comprehensive review papers to contribute to knowledge in specific fields.

Literature Review Writing

Our dedicated team provides expert literature review writing services, by conducting a comprehensive review of relevant scholarly sources.

Synopsis Writing

We help create compelling research synopses that highlight objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes concisely and persuasively.

Editing and Proofreading

We provide professional editing and proofreading services to ensure that your research work is free from grammatical errors and maintains clarity and coherence.

Journal Publication Support

We provide guidance on selecting suitable journals for publication and offer support throughout the submission and revision process.

Thesis / Dissertation Writing

We craft high-quality and well-structured thesis that meets academic standards and showcases your research findings effectively to the scholarly community and beyond.

Viva Process

Our team assists you in preparing for research presentations and defence, providing valuable insights and tips for a successful outcome.

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  • We provide quality assurance, writing, editing, and implementation services.
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Ongoing Support and Consultation

Our commitment to your success extends beyond the initial stages of your research. We offer continuous support and consultation throughout your entire research journey, ensuring that you have a dedicated partner to rely on at every step.

Timely Response and Communication:

We understand the importance of prompt communication. Our team is dedicated to providing timely responses to your queries, ensuring that you receive the necessary guidance and clarification when you need it.

Expert Guidance and Mentorship

Our experienced team of professionals serves as mentors and guides, providing you with expert advice and insights based on their extensive knowledge and research experience. We are here to help you make informed decisions and overcome any challenges you may encounter.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We recognize that every research project is unique. That's why we offer personalised support and customised solutions to address your specific research needs. Our team understands your requirements and provides tailored assistance accordingly.

Confidentiality and Data Security

Your research and personal information are treated with the utmost confidentiality and security. We have robust measures in place to safeguard your data, ensuring that it remains protected and confidential at all times.

Cost-effective and Affordable Pricing

We offer our comprehensive range of services at affordable prices without compromising the quality. With our transparent pricing structure,thus students can benefit from our top-notch assistance within their budget.

The Best implementation Service

HIGS provides comprehensive implementation services to clients catering to their specific preferences in utilising various tools. Our clients often prefer popular implementation tools such as

Journal Publishing Support

HIGS offers all services associated with PhD research studies. Publishing articles in reputable publications is an important part of the PhD process. HIGS offers services for both free and paid publication in prestigious journals across the world. If your work is returned with correction notes, we will update it in accordance with the journal editors' guidelines and resubmit it for publication. Our service provides a 100% assurance for publishing articles in prestigious journals. We edit and revise the rejected articles, allowing the research papers to be published.

We provide research paper writing services for publication in reputable journals such as

Queries from our clients

Yes, we guarantee that the work we provide will be without plagiarism. Additionally, we offer plagiarism reports generated by the Turnitin software.

Yes, we will structure the research paper in accordance with the specifications you specify or the university's guidelines.

We'll finish the research paper before the time frame you've provided.

Yes, we will edit your research work to improve quality and make sure there is no plagiarism.

Absolutely, we'll give you a rough draft. We begin the primary draught work after we have your comments and ideas.

Indeed, you can. We will arrange free technical discussions with our technical team. They can help you with any questions you have.

Yes, we guarantee complete confidentiality of client information. We never disclose information about our clients or their projects to third parties.

Yes, we provide free corrections and revisions till you are completely satisfied with the work.

HIGS provides value-added service in every stage of the PhD research journey. We are affordable and offer the best quality service all over India. To know more about us contact us via email at or call us on 6382814563, or chat with us through Whatsapp at 8681018401.