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Research Paper Writing Service

We write journal based research papers that meets journal standards.

Thesis Writing Service

We write high quality thesis with all metrics. We provide novel writing process.

Research implementation

We undergo implementation process in Java, Matlab, Simulink, and Python.


We at HIGS, the top journal publication in Coimbatore, we highly value your effort you put during your PhD journey. With more than 10 years of expertise, our team consists of highly skilled and well-experienced research professionals. Numerous PhD students have received our guidance in a variety of study areas, including biotechnology, computer science, medicine, chemistry, engineering, management, microbiology, the arts, and more.

We support you in getting your academic work published in prestigious journals like SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, IEEE, Springer, and more. We recommend both free and paid journals for the publication of your paper. Additionally, our research team will be by your side during the entire process. Your research article will be written, edited, and published in a timely and expert manner with the assistance of our journal publication team.


Our expert team HIGS

A well-trained and effective business coordinating staff at HIGS is able to keep a detailed record of your project and can explain our working method to clients. Additionally, we have a staff of writers who can produce a research paper that meets international standards for journal publication. Additionally, the editing and proofreading services will be handled by our staff of research paper writers and editors. Additionally, HIGS has a quality evaluation staff to make sure that all of the quality standards have been met for your authored papers. As a result, we guarantee that your paper will be accepted by the selected publication quickly.

Select your journals according to your subject

HIGS is here to help you to choose your journals according to your subject area. You can call us and tell about the chosen domain and we suggest the suitable journals to you.

Our simple working process

Share your work

Researchers can send the details to us. We analyse your work. And we arrange a free technical discussion session for you.

Get the journal list

Here, you can get or download the entire list of journals as per your subject. You can get the entire list.

Select your suitable journal

We will suggest a suitable journal for you. Once you have chosen the journal, then we tell the norms and guidelines of your journal.

We edit your work

Once you choose your journal, then we check whether your paper has met the quality level of your research work.

We rewrite it

If your paper has not met the guidelines of the journal, if your paper quality is poor, then we undergo rewriting process once we get permission from you.

We publish it

After all the rewriting, editing and proofreading process, we undergo journal paper publication in your suitable journal. You will be provided with specific username and password.

We share the status

Usually for journal publication, we will give you an acceptance time of 120-150 days. We provide you a specific username and password details with you.

Acceptance rate

We assure that we provide 100% acceptance rate for paper publication. But we are unable to give time confirmation for free journals.

Celebrate your acceptance

You can just celebrate the success of your paper acceptance. You can now share and promote your paper with your collegues.


9 STEPS of Journal Publication From HIGS

  • Share Your Work
  • Get The Journal List
  • Select Your Suitable Journal
  • We Edit Your Work
  • We Rewrite it
  • We Publish it
  • We Share the Status
  • Acceptance Rate
  • Celebrate Your Acceptance


Why we are the best?

  • Make a list of appropriate target journals for your area of research, including journals with an impact factor.
  • Discover the journal's rules and we'll help you follow them with our editorial service.
  • We can help you arrange your work so that you may submit the paper on time because we are aware of the dates that various publications publish their articles.
  • Help you write a compelling cover letter and the abstract that editors will read before the full manuscript is submitted. This will set a good tone for your research.
  • Research paper writing experts can assist you in finding the ideal sources for your work.
  • Your paper's acceptance is greatly aided by a strong reference list and accurate citations.
  • Our counselors and statisticians check the technical issues to help you get through the first publishing step.
  • In the event that your work is returned with revisions requested, we assist you in revising the paper in accordance with the editors' recommendations and resubmitting it.

“We can ensure that your research paper will be published. Be it research on scientific or social studies topics, support your manuscript in impact factor journals of the relevant field. Our team includes eminent PhD researchers who have had their work published in reputable international journals. Our staff members who assist with journal papers also write cover letters to send to journal editors. This increases the likelihood of a rapid evaluation of the papers”

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HIGS- the best journal publication in Coimbatore ensures that your papers will be published only in quality journals. We never stop with this journal publication, we also undergo various research services from the beginning stage of your research to the end stage. We will also give you endless research support. They are,

HIGS in the initial stage

We give assistance from the beginning. Here we give “3” services we frequently go with.

HIGS in the writing stage

HIGS provides high-quality “4” writing services that are free from errors.

HIGS in the editing stage

HIGS gives you editing & proofreading services that will have high-class editing with our experts.

HIGS in the final stage

HIGS will stand with you at the “2” most important stage of your research at the end.

Viva help
Guideship help
  • We provide peer-reviewed publications of the highest quality.
  • We provide an international platform where scholars can publish their work.
  • Rapid response to journal comments & clients queries
  • Journal revision and free resubmission services
  • You will be provided with a secured platform for journal publication.
  • You will be provided with a separate username and password for paper publication.
  • You can track your status through that.
  • You can directly send your papers online(here)


  • 1. How will I get in touch with your group?
  • You will be in direct communication with the writing and editorial staff allocated to you as soon as you sign up for our services. You can speak with each other on the phone and over email. We will respond to your question within a few hours.
  • 2. Do you promise prompt service?
  • Certainly, we do. We promise to finish the work ahead of schedule, allowing enough time for evaluation and revision. We assembled a team in accordance with the tasks and allowed time. However, we will also need your assistance and prompt response.
  • 3. Have you had experience with a range of subjects?
  • Yes, we have experience working with a variety of topics, including social sciences, engineering, management, technology, law, and medical sciences. The range of subjects we have covered is extensive.
  • 4. How do you check for plagiarism?
  • We thoroughly inspect the materials that we examine for plagiarism. We use tools as well as hand editing to help with this. Inadvertent plagiarism could occur in your study report. To ensure that the work remains original, we double-check the citations and references. The work of each of our writers is also checked for unintentional plagiarism.
  • 5. Is there any specific writing styles that you fundamentally follow?
  • We generally adhere to a writing style that meets the requirements of your university. We shall adhere strictly to any specific format advised by your university, including APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, Chicago, and others.