How to select a good research topic for PhD?

Selecting an interesting and good research topic is a major challenge in research process.

1. Choose the topic that interests you

You must give first priority while choosing the research topic. The research topic you choose will decide your career path. In order to avoid critical challenges during your PhD journey, it is necessary for you to choose the best research topic that interests you. When choosing a research topic you must fairly consider your academic background because it is important for you to be well knowledgeable about the source that you are going to choose. When selecting a research topic you must keep your carrier goal in mind. You must choose the topic that your interest holds or the topic you are excited about. Your attitude towards your topic will reflect in your research process.

The following three steps will help you to set your field of research interest,

  • Your academic background.
  • Your carrier goal.
  • The specific field in which you are knowledgeable.
How to select a good research topic

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2. Narrow your topic idea

Narrowing a topic is an important guideline while selecting a research topic. A broad or general topic makes it difficult to find the specified research area, so it is necessary to narrow your topic idea. To narrow your topic idea, you must identify the main words of the topic then using the list of the words, try to describe how and why your research topic is specific. It will also help you in the further research process. Now using the necessary sources you need to select the best research topic for your PhD. Before you finalize it is better to have a keen understanding of the research topic. You should take some time to find out whether the topic you selected is worthy or not. You must be sure that no one else has done their research on the same topic previously. Make your own arguments to find out how much your research topic is unique from others.

These three steps will help you to increase your confidence in the selected research topic,

  • Understand your topic
  • Check whether the topic is worthy or not
  • The topic should be plagiarism free

3. Considering the scope of the topic

The scope explains the limit of the research area. When you select a research topic you must also know the limit to which the research area can be explored. Basically, you need to know what the topic is going to cover and what it is focusing on. As a researcher, you have to be scope-oriented when selecting a topic. Remember that, if you choose a broad research topic then it might take a long time to complete your research work. The following steps must be followed while considering the topic,

  • The scope must be attractive.
  • The scope shouldn't exceed the limit.
  • It should be live an academic nature.

4. Background research

The scope of your topic will be limited while performing background research. If you are not aware of the depth of your topic background research helps you a lot. In order to determine whether you have a basic understanding about your topic and to promote overall confidence about your research topic, this step will help you. The researcher must be focusable and relevant to know about the previous research that is done based on your topic.

5. Brainstorming the concepts

The process by which an idea gets generated is called brainstorming. For example, techniques like free-writing or concept mapping can be helpful while brainstorming the concepts. Choosing a topic can be a difficult process if you are unaware about the concepts that the topic covers. This will get reflected when you start to write your research paper. Brainstorming can also be used to broaden a too narrow topic it can be very useful to select an organized research topic. To brainstorm you must list the basic concepts covered by your topic. You need to have a basic concept idea about the topic, based on the concept you need to remove the words which look more casual and combine the words which are remaining to create a broad topic. Brainstorming the topic will ensure you that,

  • Your topic is not too narrow.
  • Your topic is well organized.
  • The topic covers all your ideas.

6. Develop your research question

A research question is a statement that describes the problem that you are going to brief in your research paper. It is far better for you to develop your research question while selecting a research topic because this is a crucial step that will guide you through the entire research process. If you are aware of your research question then you might not get confused about your topic later. It is easier to do the research if you are passionate about your research question while selecting a research topic.

7. Create an outline of your topic

An outline is a framework used to blueprint your ideas. Although outlining seems to be a long process, to make the research paper writing process efficient it is necessary for you to create an outline of your topic. You must be sure that you have included all your ideas and connected each idea appropriately. All the ideas about your topic can be organized while you outline your topic. An outline helps you to analyze your topic in all aspects and to ensure that your topic holds all requirements.

PhD research topics

It is important to choose a trending topic. To have an efficient research process your must care about your topic. If you choose a broad topic, you will find much more information about your topic and you can’t able to focus on your topic idea. If you choose a too narrow topic you will find it difficult to gather related information about the topic. So, you must choose a research topic that supports you to complete your research work in a timely manner.

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List of Research Topics

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Best Research Topics

Selecting a research topic seems to be the toughest task because you need to decide on a research topic that is neither extremely comprehensive nor too narrow. This is the first stage of your PhD journey that decides the result of your entire research journey.

Best research topics – Why?

  • A successful research topic must be goal-oriented.
  • The research topic must be valuable and worthwhile.
  • It must have a possibility in development trend.
  • It should be based on the goal but not the fact.
  • The research topic must be accessible and manageable.
  • The topic must be from current event sources.
  • The topic must be unique and relevant.
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