How to check Scopus indexed journals

Visit their Official Website.This will guide you how to check scopus indexed journals and indexing journal in Scopus. Choose your title, publisher, and ISSN Number of the journal & search it. Here you’ll get the step-by-step process of checking journal with scopus index ( 2024 Updated).

Scopus paper publishing is one of the high-status indexing in the scientific industry. If you really wish to publish your research paper in Scopus, then this is your right path! We will guide you on how to check Scopus indexed journals. Scopus is actually a large level research journal in the field of publishing papers in Engineering, management, science, technology, medicine, arts, physical sciences, health science, and more.


A Scopus-indexed journal is a scientific journal that Scopus has evaluated and accepted for inclusion in its database. Scopus indexes content from more than 25,000 active titles and 7,000 publishers, all reviewed and selected by an independent review committee.

“9” Steps of checking SCOPUS INDEXED JOURNAL

  • 1 Type the URL in the address bar like
  • 2 It will direct you to the official page of Scopus.
  • 3 Click and scroll down sources option in the web page
  • 4 You will be able to see the journal lists. Check whether your targeted journal is listed in it or not.
  • 5 If you are not able to find out select the source finding media option.
  • 6 Select the option based on the given criteria
  • 7 Enter the targeted journal name (It can be of journal name, subject area, title and ISSN number) in the search option.
  • 8 Finally, you will get the entire detail about the journal with all the database coverage.
  • 9 In order to get the entire information about the journal click the journal name if it is indexed, then you can see the entire information about your targeted journal.

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Here, we have given the video tutorial for how to check Scopus indexed journals.

Here, you’ll get the procedure for how to check Scopus-indexed journals 2024 and your entire Scopus journal list. At any point, you might not aware of how to know if a journal is Scopus indexed, so at this time you can visit the Scopus official website and login to journal search.

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Steps to be Followed to Check Scopus Indexed Journals in 2024

Step 1 :


Step 2 :

  • Once you enter the URL , it will direct you to the Official page of Scopus

Step 3 :

  • Click down the sources option displayed in the Top of the page

Step 4 :

  • You will be able to See the Number of Journals displayed on the Web Page
  • Check whether your Targeted Journal is there or not.

Step 5 :

  • If you are Unable to Find the selected journals, then Select the Source-Finding media option.

Step 6 :

  • You will be Able to Find the Journal Name, Subject Area, Title, and ISSN number in the search option.

Step 7 :

  • Enter the Targeted Journal name under the Subject Area Option

Step 8 :

  • You will get the Entire Details about the journal by Clicking on the Name of the Journal.

Step 9 :

  • You will Get the Entire Details about the journal
  • Source Details will be Displayed on the Web Page.

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