Need to Find Phd University

Need to Find Phd University

03-08-2021 phd-university-registration-process

Obtaining a doctorate is a huge challenge, but when chosen the appropriate university or college everything works fine. Finding a place to do your PhD is as challenging task, and one that must be planned before you begin. There is a saying that “Well begun is half done”, when you select a place (college) that fits you in every aspect that’s where you make a perfect start. Here’s how HIGS accompanies you in your first step towards your PhD journey,

  • HIGS stands unique in helping you decide the right PhD University, we are not those who just provide a list of PhD universities based on top rankings, we provide extra care and value in our university registration process.
  • Since HIGS have dealt with numerous scholars from across the world and from India, we gained some insights on many university cultures through mutual understanding from our scholars and apart from that we also have an advisory board consisting of PhD scholars from various universities and up to date knowledge on various resources.
  • We also filter the choices according to your wish, interest and grades which makes it easy for your decision.
  • In the end however the decision will be taken by you and we don’t force anyone to choose a particular university or college.

Before taking the decision, just remember these simple steps,

Figure out your travel convenience

Whenever you plan for a trip or decided to go out somewhere you will probably be considering the distance for travel and prepare yourself accordingly. The same applies here too; decide whether how much far you can come out of your place. This varies within persons and their situations, if they got some to take care of then their choice of travelling far would be restricted. They mostly prefer for universities within their locality or within short distance. If planning to go to a university, in other state make sure you do all the arrangements.

Trace back from latest research on your domain

Find out some latest and the one which you got attracted and inspired research in your domain and read through the literature review. Take notes on it, as well as the methods which you find convincing. You will be seeing some names, universities or departments while you take notes. Give your attention to those, and follow their other works.

Consider also for your ease of relax

Once you enter into your PhD the next three to five years will be entirely focused on your research and it takes a heavy toll on your mental health. So check whether you have the opportunity to ease out your stresses and work in balance. If possible try to visit before making a solid commitment to move to a new location or ask your friends or relatives to visit if they are near to the location. It would be better if you made a visit since you are the one who actually live there until your PhD is done.

Be Practical

Ensure you are being practical when it comes to where you apply. If you have always wanted to enter a prestigious university, have the necessary grades with you before applying. At the same time don’t underestimate yourselves too, if you think you got the required qualifications then don’t hesitate yourselves. Whether you application is accepted or rejected comes second, trying is what comes first.

Don’t forget your UG professors

Since your UG professors and lectures know well about you they will be glad to share their knowledge and personal experiences.

Talk to some PhD students from your desired universities

After narrowing down to few choices it would be a great thing to visit those universities and talk to the current PhD students and spent some quality time with them asking about their life in the PhD and their support from supervisors, whether the university gives flexible choices on research topics or only limited options, etc If you are planning to go into job after PhD make sure the university has industry connections and placement opportunities.

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