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Hi there, welcome to our site, we are your complete phd guidance spot, where you can expect a high quality work. Your work will be secured since we neither have tie-up with any university nor outsource your work. We don’t share your details with other clients. The person next to you might also be our client, but you may not know… we are that confidential. And our employees are full-time workers.



HIGS! As the best PhD assistance in India, are you facing any difficulties in finding your research problem? Well! Don't worry! We are here with you to provide excellent PhD guidance and PhD consultation service to all our PhD scholars under a range research domains and topics. Yes! You have selected the right destination for your research. We are here with the proud name as "HIGS"- The best PhD research assistance in INDIA "Our team HIGS is the world's reputed PhD guidance and research-oriented company with immense experience in the field of providing PhD research programs and till date, we have guided more than 5500 PhD scholars across the world. We are specialized in handling your research program from the beginning to the end of your research. As a best PhD consultant in India, Our team of consultants and writers will offer you customized research support for our clients in India. As we have our clients globally, we are well bestowed with the names for instance, the best PhD assistants in Chennai, PhD assistance in Bangalore, The greatest PhD guidance company in Mumbai, PhD consultants and research assistants in Delhi, PhD assistance in Hyderabad, PhD assistance in Kerala and more.

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About Us

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Our success story!

HIGS the best PhD assistance company in India, we aspire to offer the best PhD research guidance and PhD consultants in India. We people provide a holistic approach towards various research subjects and research topics. To achieve our aim, our team of the best PhD assistance carries each research work in a creative, unique and high professional manner.

  • Our Mission

    Our main motive is to inspire every PhD research scholars with a high level of satisfaction in their research field. We endeavor to cater to all their research aspirations in a well-qualified manner.

  • Our Vision

    Our team runs with the greatest vision of providing 100% satisfaction and high quality to our clients around the world.

No.1 PhD Guidance Company

HIGS, always committed to authenticity and curiosity!

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A to Z Guidance for PhD Scholars

We can enable to write a winning research proposal for any project.

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Our Success story!

The past many years will say only about the stories of our success with a demonstrated track record of reviews.

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Manage your PhD Degree in 1 place

University Registration, Topic Selection, Research Proposal, Paper Writing, Thesis Writing, Synopsis Writing, Publication.

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HIGS Says!

Our team runs with the greatest vision of providing 100% satisfaction and high quality to our clients around the world.

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PhD assistance from start to end!!!

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PhD admission

Our team will let you enjoy the successful completion of your doctoral program. We make a way to relax and refocus on your subsequent process by providing an excellent PhD admission process. We let you choose the best and well-reputed Universities based on your research program.
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Base Paper Selection

We all know very well that selecting the correct base paper will lead you to carry out excellent research work. But you may face difficulty in choosing your PhD base paper. So at this time, we people help you to get an effective project report based on your project topic and domain.
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Research Problem Identification

In your research program, the recognition of the correct research problem is very important to process your research. So, at HIGS, we people teamed up with an excellent research team with immense knowledge and skills to deliver your research efficiently.
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PhD assistance in the implementation

It is very hard to process your PhD research in an innovative way without implementing any software tools on it. So, at HIGS we people engaged with the latest research implementation software programs like Matlab, java, Simulink, NS2 and more.

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Research paper writing help

You must implement all your works in an innovative way, so, you must need some time to think and write your research paper, you may be put up in stress, and loss your concentration on another part, so HIGS will rescue you in writing the toughest part.
journal paper publication

Journal Paper Publications

Our team HIGS with a high level of experience in publishing research papers in world-reputed journals will help you in choosing your appropriate journals based on your domain and research topics. Our team has tied up with world-class journals such as SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, and much more.

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Thesis & Synopsis writing service

Writing your thesis is the toughest job and most stressful process. But at this process, HIGS will help you in forming up the best thesis for your research work. Our team will provide world-class quality filled contents for your research work.

phd assistance plagiarism checking

Plagiarism checking service

Our team HIGS have an effective approach towards providing successful research work. So we concentrate highly on providing plagiarism-free content for our clients across the globe. We hear your University guidelines to process your plagiarism work with a high level of accuracy.
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Viva process

After all these toughest part, you need to cross one more step to get succeed in your PhD. That is your viva process. For this, we people will prepare power points by highlighting all your important points and explain to you completely about the entire research project.
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Guide-ship Help

HIGS will not end with this; we keep motivating you till the last stage that is your guide ship process. Our team will keep updating you with excellent guide ship options to mold you as a complete doctorate fellow.

Our great promises from HIGS experts!

How we can say that we are 100% satisfaction guaranteed research help providers?

Our team at HIGS will always work with professionals, subject matter experts, great supportive team leads, and best advisory board people to provide 100% satisfactory research work.

  • The originality of the work

    Our team of professionals at HIGS will make you feel unique by maintaining quality filled research work. Our advisory team will review your document for quality and novelty.

  • Security and confidentiality

    We promise you that we never leak out any kind of client's personal details with any of our third-party clients. We keep your details with us by providing secured passwords and usernames.

  • Round the clock assistance

    Our team will be accessible all the time to help you with your PhD journey. Your emails, texts, phone calls will be answered very promptly without any delay.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

    Our each and every research work needs some satisfaction assurance. Thus, HIGS do the best in each of our services to make you completely satisfied in every work.

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  • Re-assignment process
  • Professional writers
  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 support
  • Work novelty
  • World-standardized work
  • Advisory board review
  • Fast and easy publication support
  • Accurate PhD guidance
  • Highly secured

Our Working Style

We are professionals! We help you when you are busy and unmotivated!!

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals will make you feel unique and satisfied by providing sufficient research help.

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Based on all your given requirements and details, we prepare a draft.

We will develop your draft based on all your research needs.

Submission of a draft!

Our team will offer a live demo (by means of team viewer or any desk)

Based on your convenient time & if you are in local, you can visit directly and talk with our team.

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Once we finished your work, we will proceed for submission process.

You can just go through your work and leave us a feedback and we promise you that we are guaranteed for your high level of gratification.

HIGS endow a one-stop solution for all your PhD needs!

We aid you to get admission from the well-reputed Universities and we help to perform your entrance exams as well.

  • Our team can help you in selecting the most contemporary research topics under your domain and select a guide for your research.
  • We aid you to write up the best research papers and suggest standardized journals for publication.
  • Our team can proofread your paper and edit it, revise it and help you to publish and acquire a flawless publication process.
  • We stand with you until your paper gets published in free/paid journals in a fast and easy manner.
  • HIGS can also form up the best thesis with native English-speaking experts and efficient thesis writers.
  • Our team can go for an unlimited revise for your thesis until you get 100% satisfaction!
  • We will also be with you for your viva and guide ship process.

As a whole, HIGS will be your ultimate destination to make your dream come true.

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Our style of work

We work with you along with the professional team to make your dream happen!

We people chase your dream point and make it realistic with the highly standardized workflow! we work on the basis of dedication, confidentiality, originality, and more.

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  • Clients Reviews

    • Ganesan

      High quality IEEE paper writing

      I am a PhD candidate with computer science background from chennai; I contacted this site to complete IEEE paper writing and assignment writing in data mining. However their professional research paper writers fulfilled my requirement and i received the paper within specified deadline. I appreciate the excellent PhD assistance received from the technical paper writing team. Go ahead ! with the excellent paper writing with the deserved technical writers.

    • surendra verma(Hyderabad)

      Excellent Coding Team

      I did my PhD research on computer networking in India with the help of HIGS software solution. As a research candidate, I will be thankful to the software development team for their coding work on java platform. Now I’m referring 4 more candidates for the same for the great coding work delivered to me.

    • Yughandar reddy

      Full-Fledged Support for Thesis

      I tried to complete my thesis writing in networking domain, but unfortunately it was delayed due to some guidance issue, so recently I contacted HIGS software solutions and from there I received full-fledged PhD guidance and support as well as thesis papers on time, thanks for that.

    • Ranjeet Yadhav(Bangalore, karnataka)

      Spontaneous Publication

      For the past 2 years I tried to publish my paper on Annexure 1, but it was postponed due to publication issue and recently I came to know about PhD research guidance and paper publication offering by HIGS consultancy service and I contacted them, as a result within 6 months my paper got published with the help of list of journals they have referred. Now I’m happy, I do refer my friends as well for the same.

    • Jayeshnirmal

      Help with Phd

      I came across this website while searching for research paper writing software and plagiarism corrector. After enquiring with them, I gave my phd paper work to them. I had no idea about phd but they provided some samples, ppt and helped me throughout the course of phd even with phd viva voce presentation and seminar paper presentation. They are the best project centre with professional writers.

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