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New Year 2022!

Happy New Year 2022

01-01-2022 new-year-2022

Fresh and charming new year is coming in just a few hours… It's the time when people tend to have many new resolutions and promises!

Yes! Year 2022 is just knocking our doors! It’s the new beginning and it’s the time to let go of from old struggles, grudges and worries! Within few hours 2022 is going to be started. Just cheer up and give a big hug to 2022. However, unfortunately, celebrations are muted this time in every corner of the world due to pandemic. Have a safe and very happy 2022. Stay away from Omicron variant and Covid-19. But, worries apart! It doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate the arrival of 2022. And wish others and yourself to have year full of good luck, great foods, many victories, nice sleep, safe travels, true friends & families, peace, prosperity, health, wealth, and much more.

Just give wings to your dreams and watch them come true in this year 2022. 31st December will give memories of the whole year and tomorrow will be your blank page of a 365- page book, so start writing a book with a good vibe. Enter this year 2022 with heart full of love and happiness, eyes full of mercy and dreams!

Last day of the year!

31st December is the most suitable day to think and recollect all the thoughts and events of the year The new year 2022 is on the way, as everyone knows that all people are eagerly waiting for New year’s eve. Because this is the day which is so precious for everyone.


Which country will Celebrate New year 2022 First?

“Auckland, New Zealand” will be the first country will welcome new year 2022 at 4.25pm of Indian time. As the time zones varies from country to country, every country get into the new year at different times.

More New Year Traditions

  • Indonesia also has two New Year celebrations. Indonesians will celebrate one new year on January 1 and another one will be an Islamic new year. That will be varied year to year. Not only in Indonesia, but other Islamic countries will celebrate the Islamic New year. Muslims will celebrate their Islamic new year on the basis of the Islamic calendar. Islamic new year celebration will be celebrated to focus on general commemoration. They will be praying for the good deeds and praying for the good things to come ahead.
  • In Vietnam, the new year will be called usually Tet Nguyen Dan, and it will usually begin in February. It is called as Lunar New year. It means “The first morning of the first day of the year”. It is one of the most important festivals among Vietnamese and it is a national holiday. It is celebrated on the same day as the Chinese new year. Vietnamese mostly use “Chuc Mung Nam Moi” to wish each other.
  • happy-new-year-2022-decorations
  • Russian Orthodox Church believes that the new year will be started from the day 14 of January month on the basis of the Julian Calendar. Some of the Russian The Orthodox churches use Julian Calendar. But the Russian Government uses the Georgian Calendar like other countries. This will be considered the world’s most widely observed public holiday. Not only in Russia but several other countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, still use the Julian calendar and consider January 14 as the New year.
  • In Iran, Iran peoples will celebrate New year on March 21st.
  • People lives in Morocco considering the 10th day of Muharram as New year. They consider that day as the first day of the Islamic year.
  • Koreans will celebrate Lunar New year. It is known as Seolal.

What will people do around the world?

People in every corner of the world will dress up colorfully and involve themselves in a fun-filled activities such as playing games, singing, partying, dancing, nightclubs, movies, resorts, restaurants and amusement parks, and more.

People will greet each other with a HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Feeling bored and annoyed to hear Corona, Covid-19, vaccines, ambulance sounds, pandemic, lockdowns, curfew, virus, Omicron, 2nd wave, 3rd wave, mask, sanitizer, and more? Just relax! Chill out! And expect this 2022 with some hope. Hope we will breathe neat and fresh air forever.