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SCI Indexed Journal List 2020-Publication Support

Fast And Easy SCI Journal Publication Support

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Our team will provide the SCI indexed journal list 2020 and SCI indexed journal list 2021 for better reference and understanding. Our team of mentors will also provide the list of SCI journal list 2020 with impact factor. SCI and web of science offers publication support in the domains of SCI journal publication in Engineering, SCI journal publication in management, SCI journal publication in Computer science, SCI journal publication in electrical engineering and more. SCI have revised the entire list of journal 2019-publication process and revealed the new list of SCI indexed journal list 2020. SCI provides publication help in excel your publication way by providing free/paid SCI journal publication service. Among the entire SCI journal list 2020, there are many main journals which aid the publication process with or without publication fee.

SCI indexed journal in 2019-2020

What We Provide

  • Providing SCI Journal list as per your topic
  • Fast accepting journal in SCI
  • Help you to apply free SCI journals
  • Providing free/paid publication support
  • After applying to journals we will provide Username and Password
  • Help you to correct the review comments from editor
  • Full SCI publication help

Why do research papers get rejected again and again?

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Easy to publish your article in SCI list:

  • Providing Username and Password
  • You can track your paper (24/7)
  • Paper quality must
  • Plagiarism below < 10 (iThenticate)
  • We will correct the review comments
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SCI journal publication Support & Service

List of SCI journal covers almost all disciplines such as engineering, medicine, science, management, humanities and much more. HIGS will allow you to go with the fast and easy way of publication support. We provide you plenty of options to select the best of journal paper publication in SCI and SCIE. SCI indexed journal will take you to the fast way of publication. Every submitted article is associated with the editor’s choice and categorized with regards to the topic of the research paper.

Pre SCI publication process Post SCI publication process
  • We prepare your manuscript with good quality with the help of our experts.
  • We suggest you about the fast and easy way of publication likely free/paid journals such as SCI indexed journals, free/paid Scopus indexed journals and more.
  • We convert your article into journal format under the guidelines of your preferred journals.
  • We help you with the paper submission process in your preferred journal.
  • We help you with the tracking process regarding your research paper submission. We provide you with the username and password to access it.
  • The editorial team will review your manuscript.
  • Your reviews will be assessed by the editorial team
  • Your reviews will be corrected and submitted again
  • Your article will be submitted by the journal
  • Within a short period, your article will be published.

Research paper writing help for SCI and SCIE

Planning to write and publish a paper in SCI-indexed journals?

You have a stone but don't know how to make it into a diamond that shines like a full moon in the sky full of stars. You need help and Higs software solution is the diamond merchants (PhD help) that you should look for, who can search, make, and have the right tool (ithenticate Plagiarism) to cut (write), and polish your stone (idea) into the precious high-quality diamond (Research paper) that it needed to be in order to showcase it in a museum (SCI journal). Thus, you can make use of all our services to reach the sky.

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For publishing in SCI-indexed journals, your work has to meet the SCI standards. Our technical persons are aware of all the standards and guidelines of SCI-indexed journal. They can help you from writing a research paper with novelty to publish it in scope matching journals (both paid and free journals). In order to ameliorate your paper, we do quality checking and polish the paper according to the standard required for it to be published in SCI-indexed journal. Along with these services, we also provide free technical discussion, research paper explanation, and fast publication service. Our services include all departments and domains.

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How HIGS will guide you in the fast paper publication process?

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HIGS will give you the utmost care for the fast and easy way of publications.

Initially, your research topic should be sent to our team of experts, they will analyze it and they will give you the easy and fast way of the journal publication process.

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We let you know about the correct journal for your paper publication and will provide the proper feedback for the same.

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All the researchers and authors are invited to submit the research papers in the world reputed fast and easy way of publications. We promise you that we provide easy and fast way of the publication process.

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