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Growing oil palm plantation recipe for ecological disaster

Growing oil palm plantation recipe for ecological disaster

Wed , Aug 25th 2021 plam platation

New Delhi: Environmentalists feels that the statement from government is to rise oil palm plantation in the states of north-eastern areas and Andaman & Nicober Islands will not direct to an ecological disaster for the delicate biodiversity in those regions, but also create social disorder.

Last week, the union cabinet had approved the National mission on edible oils, oil palm as a new centrally supported scheme with a financial expenditure of Rs 11,040 crore. The scheme proposes to cover an additional area of 6.5 lakh (ha) for oil palm till 2025-2026, thus reaching a target of 10lakh ha eventually.

The making of Crude palm oil is likely to go up to 11.20 lakh tonnes by 2025-2026 and up to 28 lakh tonnes by 2029-2030.

A typically, as per the “vision 2050” document by the Indian Institute of oil palm research, it doesn’t state a single line about the negative environmental effects of oil palm plantations, but only confers about improved zone and its productivity.